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RAYFAIR  Showroom is the result of a culmination of years in the fashion industry and lifelong passion of fashion and art.

Since the showroom’s inception, the clear vision of RAYFAIR  was to create a progressive and dimensional lifestyle showroom, which would be the first of its kind  to include segments of contemporary jewelry, fine jewelry, footwear, womens and mens. Kelvin Chang opened RAYFAIR with Alex Mika and Pura Vida Bracelets.

Over the past 8 years, branding and innovation became RAY FAIR’s forte. They’ve had the great privilege of launching, building and managing brands in China, Taiwan and Malaysia. 

Additional segments such as consulting and communications are also part of RAYFAIR’s landscape. Desiring to help more brands flourish, RAYFAIR offers consulting services for those in the luxury segment, private labels, commercial brands, as well as start-ups. With the ever-growing need for clients to create monetized press and social media strategies, RAYFAIR is now home to a reputable communications division.